Much of the traditional job search advice is either theoretical, only works for upper level positions, or is based on what a recruiter thinks are the best job search methods.

The Best Steps to Find a Job Fast
Here are the "how to find a job" steps I followed myself when I lost my job twice in four months. Follow them faithfully and find your job fast, too!

Preparation Steps
Get the Right Job Search Tools
See the job search tools page for a complete list of what you will need.

See the Get Organized page for details on how to organize your job search. The time to create your list of references if before you apply for jobs, not after.
Let Others Know You're Job Hunting
Set Up "Job Search Agents"

A "Job Search Agent" is simply a specialized search that you can set up on many job posting sites. You specifiy the types of jobs you're looking for and the job search agent notifies you by email whenever a new job that meets your criteria is posted. Also, many company web sites will allow you set up job search agents for their employment postings.

Ongoing Steps
The above steps are to lay the foundation for your job search.
Check Company Web Sites Regularly for Job Postings
Check Online Job Posting Sites Regularly

You'll need to check the online job posting sites daily because most of them post new jobs daily. Your job search agent (be sure to set them up) will automatically notify you of new jobs that meet your defined criteria, but employers may post jobs in categories different from what you have defined.

Attend Job Fairs
Spend Time Every Day on Your Job Search
While you are unemployed, your job is to find a job and you should be working full time on this. If you currently have a job, you should spend at least two hours per day on your job search. The more time you devote to your job search, the faster you'll find a new job.

Find a Job Fast in 17 Days
Have you reached the point where you are thinking, 'I need a job fast'? Discover how to get a job in 17 days.

How do you stand above the crowd and get a job, ANY JOB, in this ugly economic environment?
If you've lost your job, and are beside yourself, thinking, 'I need a job fast,' what are the best strategies to find another job in a reasonable amount of time? Begin your job quest by writing a quality application.

To get help you in composing a high quality application, read through examples of cover letters and applications written by others. That reason is to do a job for the company and fulfill the company's needs, not the other way around. Keep the concepts contained in your cover letter clear, concise, and to the point.

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  1. Bagaimana pendapat anda tentang statements di bawah ini?

    "Janganlah menunggu pekerjaan yang sesuai dengan bakat anda, agar anda merasa betul-betul pas membangun karir dan kehidupan yang baik.

    Maka jika pekerjaan anda saat ini taidak sesuai dengan bakat anda, BAKATILAH!

    Membakati pekerjaan yang sudah ada adalah sikap yang lebih memberhasilkan daripada pribadi berbakat yang hanya Menunggu."

    (IBLA's IT Staff)


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