There are many types of job and career fairs -- from ones scheduled during Spring Break for college students to industry-specific ones for professionals -- but they all have one common theme: it's a chance for a company to meet and screen a large volume of potential job candidates. Keep in mind that career fairs should be just one small part of your entire job search process; however, they can be a successful part.

Set realistic goals and expectations
Meet with your supervisor to discuss your work plan. Share your career interests and ideas.
Communicate concerns early.

Maintain a “can do” attitude
Show your eagerness to learn new things by welcoming new assignments. Tackle all assignments and projects with enthusiasm. Seek additional projects when appropriate.

Perform to the best of your ability
If you need assistance, ask. Check and recheck your work before submitting it to your supervisor.

Be respectful of colleagues

Support the team
Your ability to work well with others is key to your success. The team’s goals are your goals. Understand how your work fits into theirs.

Understand the unwritten rules

As a new employee, you will absorb a tremendous amount of information. Observe. How do colleagues interact with one another? Your supervisor will help you to prioritize your assignments.

Be flexible
You may be near the end of a project, when you are asked to start a new one.

Identify a mentor
With your mentor, you will feel free to ask advice about your career decisions.

Document your success
Record assignments, projects, and achievements.

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