I need a Job!! "No big deal" I thought. "I'm a pretty smart guy with some pretty marketable skills so finding a new job shouldn't be a problem" I told myself. I got on all the big job boards, feverishly scanned help wanted ads in the classifieds, hooked up with employment agencies, called all my contacts and considered moving.

I need a Job!! Resume submissions were getting lost in stacks of other applicants and getting "filed" without ever being read. It was totally freaking frustrating and I thought "If I could just get some face time".

Pretty shameless I agree and I'd probably have to change my phone number after that. Also no guarantee people would even read it.

Straight up, no bones about it, no way to dispute it, if they can read People WILL Read What's On Your Shirt! I'm telling you people can't help it.

With a brief description of your skills and what you're looking for (a cover letter basically) on your shirt you will be getting interviewed constantly in the minds of people who read it! If they happen to know of something that might be a match it will occur to them to say something!

Being a Mumpreneur Vs Being an Entrepreneur

Besides having a screaming toddler clinging to her while she types up a business proposal, a Mumpreneur is quite a different creature from a typical entrepreneur. In Asia, this new 'corporate organism' is still a fairly new concept for many business people.

I network with entrepreneurs for business opportunities. I even partner entrepreneurs on selected business ventures.

I am not afraid to announce it to my business partners, who seem both envious and amused. I celebrate work-family balance as a Mumpreneur and 4 working days (out of 22) is a fair ratio to devote to family. On 'Daughter Day', I don't take calls; don't answer emails nor attend business meetings.

Most business contacts accept and respect that decision (since I am a MUMpreneur) and usually work around my schedule.

One of the Mumpreneurs I support, sells organic skincare products for children. Her 4-year old daughter is the "face" of her product. Every since jumping on the Mumpreneur bandwagon, I have come to observe and appreciate the growing Mumpreneurs' network on cyberspace. Entrepreneurs need creativity in designing business solutions.

Mumpreneurs need to be creative with the business model, with our time, with our goals and with our skills. Not all mothers set up online or home businesses based on the skills they have.

Accountants with an online bakery, PR consultants turned jewellery-designers, Doctors who design and sew baby shoes, Lawyers with a newfound passion in hat making. (Etsy.com has its fair share of such talent)

Creativity with Time-management is critical for Mumpreneurs, as we no longer have an excuse.

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