By: Rizki Habibi
It's probably the most common expression when we are referring to physical appearances and vanity. 
A great example would be Susan Boyle whose rather frumpy appearance belies her exquisite voice.

Often in life we judge someone or something based on outward appearances. Unfortunately, society tends to benefit people who
are physically attractive and can disadvantage or discriminate against those who aren't. As consumers, it's our obligation to look beyond the cover, open the book and read a few pages. When the 'noise' of the sales pitch can be replaced by useful and factual information, we can then make a fully informed decision.

Let's examine this in practical terms. If you are considering an opportunity online, the website is your book 'cover'. You read the colorful home page and click around the different links that you find but how do you actually read the 'book'?

Seeking information through discussion forums and networking sites is much better because it will provide more objective and honest opinions.

With just about everything, people will have a unique opinion based on their personal experience. Every day people make assumptions basely on the appearance of something.

Aligning Our Expectations With Our Experience

Experience does not err; only your judgments err by expecting from her what is not in her power.
~Leonardo da Vinci.

Experience is memory as we retrieve those long lost fragments of the mind's recorded data and use it to brace us in our need right now to grace the issues of today.

We do this quite routinely in our hurry to 'get places' in life. We strive to be more experienced than we are. Or in other words, we try things for which our experience hasn't prepared us.

The Science of Experience
Experience when analysed, is an incredibly latent thing. As a science, then, experience is the establishment of things learned. Given that many of the things we learn had to be practiced time and again to master, experience is slow to acquire.

The Gap Between Experience and Expectation
None of us are sacrosanct from envy.

Contentedness with Current Levels of Experience
There is a difference between asking too much of our experience by going too boldly about life, and expecting opportunities that today are beyond us, and striving to learn and gain more experience at an acceptable rate. Peace is only available in the acceptance of our present levels of experience, but in the gentle though persistent hope of increasing our levels of experience over time.

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