Once you learn a few fundamental principles and techniques, writing persuasive catalog copy, web copy or product descriptions for printed brochures or sales sheets becomes an easy, enjoyable process.

Step 1. List features and benefits, then connect them. If you've read anything about copywriting, you've heard about the importance of including the benefits of products as well as their features. For concise, interesting product descriptions in a printed or online catalog, it's essential to combine features and benefits, weaving them together tightly yet unobtrusively. Here's a sample excerpt from the print catalog The Territory Ahead, mixing features and benefits:

Keen's patented bumpered toe prevents stubs and smashes. The traditional, tire-styled outsole features linen fabric inlay for additional strength and flex.

Ultralightweight, anatomically logical and muy guapa, Keen's huarache overhaul was done with the global wanderer in mind. You can weave other elements from this brainstorming into your descriptive copy as space allows.

Step 2. Polish up your descriptions in a consistent voice. While the samples above from The Territory Ahead have a kind of masculine romance about them, a catalog or web site's voice could be efficient, technical, playful, practical, compassionate, soulful... Whatever the voice chosen, it must be consistent throughout the catalog or web site, or prospective customers get confused.

Step 3. Proofread, checking details. Third steps - that's all there is to mastering the art of tantalizing product descriptions for catalogs or web sites.

Best Technical Writing To Fun And Money.
 A technical writer’s work isn’t exactly among the top ten most exciting jobs in the world, but it doesn’t mean that it’s all work and no play all the time. This article contains the top three that have high scores both in the profit meter and fun meter!  
1)  Gizmos and Gadgets.
One of the best technical writing fields today is that of gadgets. As a technical writer for gadgets, this frenzy is to your advantage. Reviews on the latest model of mini laptops are most definitely welcome. Articles comparing different brands of mobile phones are eagerly eaten up by the techno-savvy crowd.  
2)  Cars and Bikes.
As a technical writer, you are invited to these events regularly.  
3)  Computer Software.
Computer software is also one of the best technical writing fields today. As a technical writer, you get to sample these programs and review them either for a blog, Web site or magazine.